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        Recently, a trend of customized products has become the preference of consumers.It's the custom year necklace,similar to the name necklace.     This necklace is also very meani...

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    It's the latest new products in Olivia Jewelry.They are the most fashionable ornaments stainless steel jewelry at present. Crucifix cross men jewelry pendant wholesale,Olivia Jewelry Supplier,high pol...

  • Lunch Party
    2019-07-12 Lunch Party

        Last week,Olivia Jewery had a great party.First,we went to the cinema to see the film,it was very wonderful.The film takes "drugs" as a clue and tells about the fight between philanthrop...

Hot Sale Blank Tags Necklace Pendant
2019-05-17 17:02:16

    These tags are versatile and are great for many projects. Some of the ideas we've come up with are:

1.Dance belt coins

2.Jewelry parts - they can be used as is as a part of any jewelry item. As part of a pendant, earring bracelet etc.

3.You can embellish them as shown below and at this link using stamps, etching, engraving etc.Charms - use to make wine glass charms or anything else you can think of!

    We provide high polished and stainless steel blank tags pendant. And acept custom size and engraved worlds on it.It's a good romantic gift to show your love.Also,you can choose blank plated,gold plated,silver plated and rose gold plated.

    The engraved coin blank necklace pendant is one of the best sale products in our company,and many customs will order this jewelry more than two times.

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